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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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We will select for you any desirable type of manicure in Blossom studio - classic, hardware or combined - the one that suits your skin best.

In addition to simple coat manicures, our studio offers so-called nail alignment and strengthening.

Red, nude, lilac, salmon, golden... the palette of shades in Blossom studio can boast more than 550 colors! Both gel polishes and classic ones are at your disposal if you prefer a regular finish.

We work only with the best brands: Luxio, EMi and others.

Nails Aligning

If you are not a fan of the natural shape of your nails, require restoration, or simply want to achieve a perfect coverage, then this service is just for you.
What stands for this procedure? Sometimes a nail is damaged and needs to be restored, and sometimes the nails become “wavy” due to hormones…
Straightening your nail plate will give your ones a new life like a magic wand!
Do you need to fix a cracked nail? Remove imperfections? Get a perfectly flat surface?
All this can be done using alignment and without any gel extensions.

What stands behind the procedure?

Strengthening is the coating of the nail with a gel polish base, which is applied to a specially ready nail. A master evenly distributes some base over the nail, thereby hiding all its imperfections. Additional strengthening of the nail is a very cool bonus.
Once this one is done, your master applies a color coat, and then a top finish. Needless to say - after such a base, the color lays perfectly: tightly and without any gaps.



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Manicure with simple polish



Manicure + gel polish



If your nails are weak or thinned after just some poor-quality procedure, then gel polish with a classic application is possible, but such a coating will not last long. As a rule, chips, small cracks, peeling corners of nails, detachment of gel polish - all this often happens with ordinary coating without special alignment.