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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Blossom studio offers 4 types of pedicure: classic, hardware, combined and branded. Our palette of gel polishes includes more than 550 shades from top brands Luxio, EMI and others.

We are pleased to offer you a branded pedicure - this is not another procedure, but a huge ritual, based on the wishes of our clients.

The best part is that whole SPA complex for your feet at the price of a pedicure.


  • combined pedicure
  • scrub / peeling
  • mask for legs
  • 5 creams (your choice)

Combined pedicure is one of the top services among our clients. The pedicure has many advantages of hardware and classic pedicure. "Combi" allows you to prevent any corns on the feet and to make perfect pedicure toes.
Thanks to a so-called combined pedicure, after foot disinfection, the skin around nails is removed with tweezers, but the feet skin, pads and the fingers themselves are treated with a pedicure machine.
So, careful treatment of feet and toes gives results in 4+ weeks of shiny feet.
When it comes to scrub or peeling, pretty often beauty studios, and the masters themselves, dismiss this procedure. Well, the scrub or peeling is presented as an additional, minor service.
We take it differently and believe that this procedure is necessary for everyone, because the procedure:

  • thoroughly scrubs the skin, cleanses it (and not just the feet), so it affects your skin as well
  • removes keratinized epidermis and smoothes your skin
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • prepares your skin for applying any cream: after the scrub, the skin literally instantly absorbs all the active ingredients

Foot Mask

The masters of our studio have been trying more than 50 masks and stopped only at this particular product. The one boasts a complex of natural ingredients that heal, regenerate and nourish foot skin.
Moreover, it has an antibacterial effect, prevents foot sweating and gives a feeling of "lightness" to the feet, as if you had just walked barefoot on the grass.

Revitalizing cream with grapefruit scent is the final touch in our SPA ritual. The cream prevents the appearance of callus, moisturizes and nourishes your feet for at least 8 (!) hours.

Healing cream is perfect for those with cracked legs; the product will help soften and smooth the skin, restoring its previous elasticity.

The moisturizer provides deep hydration, reduces foot sweating and gives the feeling of “light feet”.

Antibacterial cream will suit those who like a light structure that does not leave a greasy finish on your skin. The gel eliminates the unpleasant odor, after which the legs sweat less.

The nourishing cream is a perfect solution for dry and chapped skin. If you haven't had a pedicure for more than 2 months or haven't nourished your feet regularly, this cream is perfect for you. It makes the skin soft and smooth; gives a so-called "baby effect".

After the pedicure procedure, our masters will choose a suitable cream for your feet.



price - MASTER

price - TOP MASTER

Pedicure (foot & toes)



Pedicure + simple polish (foot + toes)



Pedicure (toes+ heel) + gel polish



Fingers + gel polish