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  • Diamond cutter “Rounded cylinder”, 4.0 mm fine grit (Torpedo)

Diamond cutter “Rounded cylinder”, 4.0 mm fine grit (Torpedo)

CHF 10.50


It is convenient for them to process side rollers, adjust the shape of the nail plate at the free edge, and remove a layer from artificial nails. Diamond cutters are used in manicure, pedicure and nail extensions to treat cuticles, nail plate, skin and artificial materials. The basis of such mills is made of stainless steel.

This nail cutter is versatile. It is used for hardware treatment of both nails and rough skin, interdigital spaces. Softer cylindrical cutters are used for polishing nail plates. But nozzles in the form of a straight cylinder are used to remove a layer of modeling material. Cutters with rounded ends are recommended for beginners.




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