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  • Replacement mini buffers 100grit 20 pcs pack

Replacement mini buffers 100grit 20 pcs pack

CHF 11.50

  • strength and water resistance of the adhesive layer;
  • high quality and uniform distribution of medium-grained abrasive;
  • the presence of a soft foam pad with a width of 5 mm;
  • compact size that exactly matches the parameters of the base saw.

Size 9.5 cm by 2.5 cm

Disposable abrasive stickers are changed after each client, and the base steel saw is disinfected and sterilized, thus minimizing the risk of the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

The foam base of the files allows you to get a tighter fit of the abrasive to the surface being processed without losing accuracy. Interchangeable files are suitable for processing both natural and artificial nails.




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