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Nail & Beauty Room

Your nails are in good hands

Our services


You are not dressed perfectly until you have a good manicure at your fingertips...
...said J. Lo and was absolutely right. No haute couture dress tolerates burrs or stale nails. Our studio offers high-quality so-called European and classic manicure, we can extend nails to any length, and our palette has more than 200 shades and 300 designs for any taste!
With a casual conversation and a cup of tea/coffee, you will receive not only the perfect manicure, but also lots of recommendations for nail care! Rather, choose a free time slot and sign up for a safe manicure with the design you like!


Baby-like feet and perfect nails - sign up for a professional pedicure now, even if it's winter season: there is nothing nicer than feeling well-groomed from hair ends to toes.
We recommend getting a pedicure about every 4-6 weeks to keep your feet from getting rough. But even if you haven't had a pedicure for a long time, do not hesitate, come to our studio - spend 2-3 hours in a comfortable airchair, reading magazines, and get a pedicure with perfect nails covered!

Nail Extension

In 2007, gel polish changed the beauty industry: now manicures can last 3-4, even after washing dishes and other household chores! And what to say about the classic extension - you can get long and beautiful nails, even if your own length is extremely short. Any shape, any shade and the most crazy, modern designs - building gives a huge field for imagination. If you have never extended your nails, then it's time to give in to the temptation and experiment!

Nail design

For more than 10 years in the beauty industry, our masters have created over 800 designs! Can you imagine? Futurism, flowers or geometria - the choice is yours! Be creative and just pick your style!
Before the procedure, we recommend that you search for your favorite designs via Instagram or Pinterest. Our masters will be able to make any design they like in the shortest possible time: as a rule, the design of one nail does not take more than 10 minutes.


Perfely chosen eyebrows can "open" your face and even rejuvenate you for several years. The procedure takes very little time and is completely painless. In general, after modeling your eyebrows, your life is divided into "before" and "after".
Is it possible to shape and correct the shape of the eyebrows by myself? Certainly. But after 3-4 days you will have to correct it again. Professional eyebrow shaping guarantees the correct shape that will last for more than one day.


Smooth legs or bikinis for 4 weeks or more are not fantasy, but reality. Legs, tummy, arms, face - choose the required area and enjoy your smooth skin! Depilation is an absolutely painless process if you are at professional’s at the Blossom studio. No irritation, red spots, redness - only comfort and velvety skin as a result!

Our works

Welcome to the gallery of our works - more than 500 different designs for every taste! Scroll to the right to see different designs and ornaments, make a screen to show one of our masters your favorite design and bring it to life!

About us

Since mychildhood, I loved make-up for dolls and making them beautiful, so when it came time to choose my professional path, I went into the beauty industry without hesitation. I didn't even have time to look back - and for 12 years now I have been making girls beautiful and well-groomed :) 60% of new guests come by recommendations of friends! Thank you!

Today my work is a pleasure for me. I am very happy when I make girls beautiful, well-groomed and happy. My motto: there are no ‘not that beautiful’ girls, there are only those who have not found their master!


Do you want to improve your skills or become a manicure master in a few months? With my courses, this is quite possible - choose the training you like (all courses are available online) and get your first profit in a month!

Design courses

Tired of nods, simple ornaments and primitive designs? Welcome to our design course: from a simple jacket to geometry, from minimalistic drawings to the most daring arts. If you want to expand your audience and offer your clients painting and drawings - this course is for you.

Manicure courses

Welcome to the world of manicure! Perhaps the most common procedure in the beauty industry: learn how to do several types of manicure, work correctly with a cutter and a lamp - then the line of clients will not keep you waiting.

Pedicure courses

It's hard to find a good manicurist. And pedicure is even more difficult. In our course, you will learn how to do a “complete pedicure” - from heels to toes. Master the art of pedicure in just a few weeks - offline or online.

Nail extension courses

Gel polish or nail extensions are perhaps the most popular post-manicure procedures. According to statistics, more than 85% of girls do these procedures after a manicure. We offer a course on building up offline and online - choose the format you like and join the training!


Spacious pedicure and manicure area, comfortable armchairs - a safe distance of more than 1.5 between studio guests. You can make an appointment in a couple of clicks. Just sign up in a convenient way: around the clock on the site, from 10-00 to 21-00 by phone, Direct or WhatsApp Rate the quality!


3 days

We are providing warranty for issues for 3 days!
3 days guarantee for gel polish 3 days for gel extension!

10 to 5O% discount

Discounts from 10 to 5O% for our guests! Follow the offers on the site!


67% of new guests come by recommendations of friends!


Compliance with ALL sanitary requirements! Sterilization of instruments and workers surfaces + disposables!



25% OFF

25% discount on the first 2 visits for new customers 

10% OFF

10% discount for marking our salon in Instagram Stories